Tournament Policies


Dress Code
Only acceptable golf attire is permitted. Tank tops, short shorts, swimwear, t-shirts, tank tops and denim are not considered appropriate attire and should not be worn during competition.

Distance Measuring Devices
Only devices that measure distance are permitted. Devices capable of performing other functions are prohibited.

Caddies are only permitted in the following divisions only:

Boys & Girls 6-Under Divisions
Boys & Girls 7-8 Divisions
Boys & Girls 9-10 Division

*Caddies will be permitted for all age divisions during the practice round.

Walking spectators are permitted for all divisions except the 6-Under Division. We ask that all spectators observe the following guidelines:

* Obtain a Spectator Pass from the Starter on the 1st tee at your course
* Remain 25 yards from players at all times
* Do not communicate with players as it may be construed as advice and subject the player to
   potential disqualification
* Golf carts are only permitted for spectators with disabilities. Disability placards or notes from a
   physician should be submitted to the Tournament Committee at the host golf course.
   Documentation is mandatory.